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How to Deal with Medical Debt Caused by Overwhelming Hospital Bills

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Hospital bills are the number one reason for filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the United States. Even if you are not forced to the brink of bankruptcy, you don’t have to end up plowed under by excessive medical debt.

How to Settle Your Debt With the Original Creditor

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To put it simply, an original creditor is the party with whom you originally opened the account with. For example, when you applied for and received your credit card, there is a bank that is funding that credit card and

Protecting Yourself From Zombie Debt From Old Debt Scavengers

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Whether you are just embarking on the credit repair process, or your credit is in tip-top shape, the last thing you want or need is some old and moldy debt rearing its ugly head. Believe it or not, debt that

How to Live Debt Free With Our List of Do’s and Don’ts

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While there’s no doubt the most practical part of ourselves prefers debt-free living, there’s a fair amount of conflicting messages on the subject, specifically as it relates to your credit score. On the one hand, you need activity on your

Learn How to Settle Your Debts With Collection Agencies


Some people have expressed skepticism that you can actually do debt settlement on their own using our strategy or other creative methods of settling debts.Read letters from readers who were highly successful. Note: This page addresses debt which is with

Debt Validation – The Ultimate Weapon Against the Collection Agencies

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If a collection account comes into your life, you’ve heard about it in one of three ways: It came up as a listing on your credit report. You received a telephone call from a collection agency. You got a letter

Negotiate Credit Rating When Settling Your Debts with Collection Agencies

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One very important, but often overlooked, area of debt negotiations is negotiating your credit rating. What exactly does that mean you might ask?  Well, when you look at your credit report, there are notations after a listing such as, “paid

Sued by a Creditor After Negotiating and Settling Your Debt

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Settling your debt is not an easy task and hopefully the two previous articles in our Debt Settlement Series, “How to Settle Your Debts on Your Own” and “Negotiate Your Credit Rating” have been helpful. Up to this point, you

What is a Junk Debt Buyer?

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A junk debt buyer is a collection agency who has purchased a large portfolio of delinquent or charged off accounts from credit card companies, or even other collection agencies. Also referred to in the industry as “bad debt buyers”, “zombie

Debt Settlement and Debt Negotiation – What is the difference?


Many people are confused by the range of programs which proclaim that you can get out of debt. There is debt settlement, debt negotiation, and consumer credit counseling. In most people’s minds, all these are the same and all they