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Don’t Get Pinned Down by Bowling Alley Insurance Costs

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You opened a bowling alley to make some money and bring fun and levity to your local community. But business insurance for bowling alleys can confuse even the most time-tested entrepreneurs. This essay strives to address the most pressing bowling

Bolster Your Business with Liability Insurance for Animal Shelters

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It’s important to shield your business against claims of damages as it could cause its operations to permanently cease, even if it is a nonprofit organization. Your animal shelter cares for our furry friends and nurtures them until they are

Secrets to Finding Cheap Business Insurance

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Face it, business insurance is a necessary expense. That’s why finding a cheap business insurance policy is every business owner’s goal. But is finding an affordable business insurance policy impossible without using a substandard company or sacrificing valuable coverage? Not

Choosing the Right Business Insurance Agent

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The right business insurance agent is the key to every aspect of your business’ insurance program. Whether it’s questions, concerns, coverage, advice or price, a business insurance agent is the key resource for your business’ insurance needs. Here is some

Compare to Save Money on Your Auto Mechanics Insurance

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With people holding on to their cars longer, your garage is probably busier than ever. Although you’d rather concentrate on your shop’s hands-on work than paperwork, you could be missing a money-saving opportunity if you haven’t recently looked at your

Finding the Right Recipe for Catering Insurance


One of the rewards of catering is discovering new recipes. It can take weeks and repeated attempts to get the ingredients just right, but when you’ve found a new salad, main course or dessert that’s a real crowd pleaser you

Make sure your business insurance covers everything that can go wrong

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Business owners know that their business insurance coverage has their back when property damage, bodily injury and liability are concerned. But their coverage might be limited when it comes to certain rare, but still costly, scenarios. For instance, if a

Business Group Insurance: Your Guide to Savings

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Perhaps your lender or financer has compelled you to get business group insurance. Or maybe you want coverage to attract employees and take advantage of benefits yourself. Irrespective of what’s driving you, you need substantial and creditable info about how

Why business insurance is the key to avoiding an expensive data breach

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It seems every other day another business is hit with a data breach that exposes the personal information of its customers. But while large national retailers may be making the headlines, small mom-and-pop businesses may be the most vulnerable. According

Business Car Insurance: Basic Strategies to Save

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Whether you own a fleet of vans to deliver widgets to consumers or maintain a single truck to move construction equipment, you crave reliable, straightforward answers to nagging questions about business vehicle insurance. Business car insurance coverage is very similar