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Choosing Tax-Efficient Investments


Manage Your Portfolio to Help You Control Your Tax Bill When choosing investments, you may need to consider many factors, including taxes. In fact, for some individuals, their investment’s tax cost may be among the more influential factors. Here are

Tax Treatment of Dividend Income

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Investors find dividend-paying stocks and mutual funds attractive because their total return includes both the dividend and any market price appreciation. Adding to the appeal of some dividends is the special tax treatment they receive. For tax purposes, dividends are

Portfolio Review: Does Your Plan Need a Makeover?


Generally, you feel better – more confident – when you’re sporting a new look. Sometimes, even the smallest changes can make a big difference in your attitude. Doesn’t your investment plan deserve the same kind of attention? After all, someday

Men, Women, and Investment Planning

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It appears both sexes aren’t always on the same page When men and women live together in a marriage or committed partnership, domestic incompatibilities come to light – one leaves the cap off the toothpaste and misplaces car keys; the

Transportation Stocks Are Spoiling The Market’s New High Party


With the DJIA, S&P 500 and Nasdaq indexes making new highs, clearly stocks are enjoying positive market times – right? Well, maybe not. There is an apparent smudge on this happy picture, put there by wrong-way transportation stock performance. (The

Plant Your Inheritance Within Your Portfolio

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Money can, after all, grow on trees – family trees. And judging by the $8.4 trillion baby boomers are expected to inherit from older generations in coming years,* we’re not talking chump change. In fact, roughly two-thirds of boomer households

Understanding Asset Allocation

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Market activity is hard to predict – the unexpected can happen at any time. That’s why asset allocation is important to help investors stay focused on their long-term goals. What is asset allocation? Simply put, it’s a time-tested strategy that

How to Navigate the ETF Landscape

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The Future of ETFs Recent news reports have several high-profile exchange-traded fund closures and performance gaps between funds and their benchmarks. Do these developments spell trouble for the ETF market and for its investors in 2013? According to Mariana Bush,

Considering Alternative Investments

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It’s no secret that the events and market volatility of the past few years continue to leave many individuals concerned about their investment portfolios. Despite what has proven to be a substantial market recovery, memories of the 2008-2009 market crisis