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Tips for first time insurance buyers


There are many scary things in this world. Buying insurance for your first time should not be one of them. In the next few paragraphs, I will offer some tips, which will remove the fear of first time auto insurance

Ways in which to lower your car insurance rates


There are many ways in which to lower your insurance policy premiums. Some take a little work from you while others might be offered to you when you request a quote. Before renewing or buying your next insurance policy read

Why 2 families pay $15,000+ for car insurance


Who’s paying $15,000 a year for car insurance? It’s not some guy with three DUIs and a Maserati. It’s tax-paying, home-owning, law-abiding Camry drivers. As we did some digging in our own insurance quote database, wondering who wound up with

The double-whammy of bad credit


If you have bad credit, you probably know who you are. Now that car dealers are making subprime loans again, you’re braced to pay more for a car loan. A buyer with prime credit paid an average rate of 4.27

7 key considerations when buying car insurance


When you compare insurance companies and shop for a new policy, you should know more than just what a car insurer is quoting you for rates. Here are seven questions you should ask before signing off on a new policy.

Business Group Insurance: Your Guide to Savings

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Perhaps your lender or financer has compelled you to get business group insurance. Or maybe you want coverage to attract employees and take advantage of benefits yourself. Irrespective of what’s driving you, you need substantial and creditable info about how

Why men get gypped on car insurance rates


Have you ever wondered which sex dominates behind the wheel? Race car driver Jimmie Johnson might be the king of driving on closed tracks, but car insurance rates prove that women rule on the open road. At least they do

The best states to save on car insurance

Downtown Cleveland - seen during late autumn.

Ohio drivers who shop around for car insurance are likely to save a bigger chunk of their annual bills than motorists anywhere else in the U.S. A  ZIP-code-by-ZIP-code analysis of Ohio rates from six national insurance carriers showed an average

Survey: Drop the hammer on texters, drunks


Think your car insurance company’s rules are unfair? Perhaps you should make up your own. That was the task before 1,000 drivers in a new survey commissioned by CarInsurance.com. Motorists were asked how they would screen customers and price car

Business Car Insurance: Basic Strategies to Save

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Whether you own a fleet of vans to deliver widgets to consumers or maintain a single truck to move construction equipment, you crave reliable, straightforward answers to nagging questions about business vehicle insurance. Business car insurance coverage is very similar