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5 ways to get quick car insurance quotes


Kate Anderson hates financial stuff, like balancing her checkbook, monitoring credit cards and shopping for car insurance. The California graphics artist has kept the same insurance policy for five years and wonders if she could get a better deal elsewhere.

Car Loans: Getting the Best Deal


While the average buyer spends 19 hours researching an auto purchase (according to JD Power), he or she does not do enough homework when taking out a car loan. Despite the fact that failing to shop around for financing could

Timing can be everything when buying a car


Walk into a dealership at certain times of the year and month, and you just might leave with a bigger discount off the sticker price and a lower payment on your car loan than you’d ordinarily be able to negotiate.

Ways to Tell if a Car Has Been in an Accident


One of the scariest things about buying a used vehicle is not knowing whether or not the car you fell in love with has been in any accidents. A car could have been in an accident, fixed by a reputable