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The Online Life Insurance Quote

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When reviewing a life insurance quote, it’s important to realize that not everyone requires the same amount of coverage. For instance, single people have minimal life insurance needs, so most choose to purchase just enough coverage to pay for their

Baby boomer home upgrades change home insurance needs


Baby boomers are experiencing the physical changes associated with aging, such as loss of balance or achy joints. Some of these changes may require modification to your home, resulting in changes to your homeowner’s insurance. For example, an older home

Boat insurance can keep your finances afloat

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Some people don’t think of boating as “operating a motor vehicle.” But just like cars, trucks or SUVs, any boat over a certain amount of horsepower needs the right insurance to cover any injuries and property damage it causes, as

Why You Need Blogger Liability Insurance

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If you have a blog, as many people do, you may feel that your personal thoughts and opinions are not subject to any sort of liability. However, regardless of your intentions or your audience, more and more bloggers are facing

Bicycles need insurance, too

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Extra coverage probably isn’t necessary if you occasionally pedal a $100 bike purchased from a big-box retailer. But if you’re an avid cyclist or if biking is your business, you should make sure to safeguard your cycle. Protecting your bike

Purchase Life Insurance Online

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Before the advent of the Internet, getting a life insurance policy went something like this: Getting in contact with a sales person or agent of a particular life insurance company Scheduling an appointment and meeting with the sales person or