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Personal Finance: The Betrayal of Form Over Substance

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I know that I am a lone voice in the wilderness when debunking conventional thinking about how best to earn, spend, save and invest based on hard facts (public domain information) of how the system of money actually works, and

Personal Financial Management

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Financial Management 101 Regarding: Life Insurance: While working for a life and health insurance company, I learned that “buying term life insurance”, and “investing the remaining money” almost always makes more sense than buying what is called “whole life insurance”.

Some Reasons To Start Your Retirement Financial Planning Now

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Everyone shares some version of the American dream, whether it is an apartment in the city, a ranch house in the country, or a model home in the suburbs. Part of that dream is to quit the workforce at a

Five Reasons That Hold People Back From Financial Education

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Below are a quick five reasons that hold people back from developing a financial education. 1. REFUSING TO ADAPT The rules of money changed in 1971. People are being devastated today because they simply refuse to play by the new

7 Tips to Help You Manage Your Income and Start Saving Money

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If you’ve always struggled with saving money for various reasons, it’s time to make that change today. Whether you agree or not, you must admit that being financially stable is highly important for anyone. You don’t want to be without

You Work Hard For Your Money and Your Money Should Be Working Hard FOR YOU!

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Many people, just like me, were taught all our lives that when you get any extra money that you are supposed to save that extra money at the Bank or Credit Union. Now, don’t get me wrong, those people who

The Rules of Money Have Changed!

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Most people are completely unaware that the rules of money have changed! Still playing by the old rules, they continue to go to school, work hard at their jobs, and “earn a living.” These ideas are not only outdated and

Understanding the Fundamentals of Getting Rich and Pulling Ahead in Life


Hello everyone, you probably have not heard of me, but I am one lucky guy who was able to turn tragedy into a fortune. It all started back when I was just 29 years (MAYBE WANT TO PUT A THE

How to Find Grants to Pay Off College Loans and Bills – Apply Free Money Online

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Students enrolled in college and pursuing higher degrees often face financial crisis as there is limited time to devote to job and money earning. Dearth of money impedes in accomplishing the basic necessities of life and paying for the accumulating

15 Ways to Improve Your Finance


There is nothing as important as to take control of your financial situation and activities. If you do not take control of the financial situation, soon your financial situation will be so bad and you will not like it. There