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Refinancing? Five Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Lender

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Refinancing can help homeowners to save money by lowering their mortgage payments. The terms used to refinance are often lower or better than the rates and terms of their previous mortgage. Knowing what questions to ask when refinancing mortgage can

Should You Refinance Your Mortgage as a Debt Consolidation Loan?


The average adult American has multiple credit cards. When considering that many adults also have car payments and other debts, it’s no surprise that these bills can become overwhelming. In fact, many consumers find themselves spending a significant portion of

What Happens to Mortgages When “The Fed” Raises Interest Rates?


If you’ve been reading or watching the financial news lately, you’ve probably noticed the avalanche of speculation about the Federal Reserve’s next move — triggered by the removal of a single word from its policy. That word was “patient” and

Reasons to Refinance: Mortgage Rates and More


Refinancing your mortgage is a big decision. Here are a few considerations that can help you determine your best option. Low mortgage rates typically compel homeowners to refinance, but you may find additional reasons to update your home financing. Lower

How to Shop for the Lowest Refinance Rates


Are you searching for the lowest refinance rates and fees for your next home loan? Comparison shopping with the Good Faith Estimate is an excellent way to find the best deal for your next home loan. Here are several tips

Finding the Right Help with Refinancing

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With refinancing rates falling as the credit crunch loosens its grip on the economy, more and more U.S. homeowners are seeking to refinance their homes. While refinancing is possible, it is still more difficult to obtain secondary home financing now

Refinancing a Home: What Does Breakeven Mean to You?


Refinancing a home is a popular way to save money, but it is often the case that you have to spend money to make money. The upfront closing costs involved can mean it will take several months before you break

Private Lender Refinancing

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As the market for traditional loans continues to experience uncertainty, private lender refinance has become an increasingly popular option for borrowers. While exceptional opportunities exist in real estate and business development, banks are increasingly tightening qualification requirements and making fewer